Neutrogena Naturals Skin Care

              Neutrogena has been one of my favorite skin care products since I knew what skin care even meant. Besides the fact that almost every single Neutrogena product says “dermatologist recommend” they actually work quiet well. And of course when Allure rates the product, I definitely trust it. I have recently become obsessed with natural ingredients in practically everything I use for my skin; I take my skin care very seriously. A cousin of mine started to use the Neutrogena Naturals Facial Cleanser + Make-up Remover and she absolutely LOVES it. “I give it a 5 out of 5 stars, I love it!” she told me.Image

                She spoke about it so much that I went out and purchased the Neutrogena Naturals Purifying Facial Cleanser. It is absolutely amazing, and you can tell the difference instantly compared to other facial cleaners who use harsher ingredients. The cleanser smells wonderful and your face feels extremely fresh afterwards. I definitely recommend the Facial Cleanser from their Naturals line; it contains tons of great stuff such as natural salicylic acid found in Willowbark bionutrients.  I loved the facial cleanser so much that I decided to purchase their night cream. The Neutrogena Naturals Nourishing Night Cream is marvelous! I had never used a night cream before and I was very excited to start using it. After starting to use the product my skin felt so moisturized in the mornings and it smelled very fruity and delicious.Image

                This night cream is a multi-vitamin night cream and some of those vitamins include- vitamin b which is great for dull or unhealthy skin, it will instantly give you a glow and oh did I mention, it’s great for anti-aging? Vitamin C which is fabulous for skin because it helps with wrinkles. Overtime your skin loses collagen which makes it more vulnerable to wrinkles and vitamin C contains collagen which is great for anti-aging. Vitamin C also helps with age spots and can also help protect your skin against UV damage like discoloration and fine lines. Vitamin E which is an antioxidant that protects and repair skin.  The list goes on on about what vitamins are inside of the Neutrogena Naturals Nourishing Night Cream.Image

                You may be wondering why you should use a night cream, well there are plenty reasons why you should use a night cream. Number one night cream is anti-aging; Neutrogena Naturals Night Cream contains vitamins such as vitamin B and C that help combat aging. Another reason why you should use night cream is for the deep moisturizing affects of a night cream. When your skin is not moisturized enough you become dry and people with dry skin are more prone to aging compared to people with moist skin. All in all I love the Neutrogena Naturals Skin Care line; I haven’t tested out all of their products but the Neutrogena Naturals Nourishing Night Cream and the Neutrogena Naturals Purifying Facial Cleaner is fabulous, I cannot wait to test out the other products and report back. But so far, so fabulous.


  1. I absolutely love the night cream and facial cleanser. It’s really great for removing makeup, although I would recommend using a facial towelet to endure complete makeup removal. The night cream is wonderful, even with my skin being prone to mild acne and using a clindamycin phosphate topical treatment. I have olive skin and tend to get puffiness under my eyes that’s mildly dark and redness on my lids, but the night cream is great for preventing that (as well as fading some of my old acne caused pigmentation). There’s also a facial scrub that’s really great. The scrub is really gentle with exfoliating my skin, but without compromising it’s ability to slough off the dead skin cells. I think my favorite part of this product line is that the natural ingredients, smooth texture, and wonderful scent reminds to apply all my products gently to prevent tugging and pulling on my skin (which causes premature wrinkles).

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