Natural Lip Scrubs

Winter may be a wonderful time to take out your cute scarfs, boots, and gloves but it is a horrible time for your skin, including your lips. If you’re like most of us our lips get super dry and chapped and there is nothing fun about that. Besides doing your best to apply lip balm, whether its Burt’s Bees, EOS, or plain old Chapstick we still need to do more to truly take care of our lips.


Lip scrubs are a perfect way to exfoliate the lips before you apply lip balm, so why exfoliate?

  • Remove dead skin from your lips
  • Skin holds moisture longer
  • Smooth Lips
  • Lipstick looks amazing on exfoliated lips
  • No more dry and chapped lips

Now you make be wondering, “why should I make a homemade lip scrub when I can go purchase one?” Well, first off it is inexpensive and just as effective to make a lip scrub at home. Secondly, you don’t know what ingredients are inside of the ready-made lip scrubs you purchase. The lip scrub recipes that I am going to discuss are easy and effective, and also convenient; the likelihood of you having these ingredients at home is highly.

Coffee Lip Scrub

1 tablespoon coarse coffee

1 tablespoon olive oil (a few drops)

Coco Lip Scrub

1 teaspoon Sea Salt

1 tablespoon coconut oil or coconut butter 

Honey, Sugar, & Lemon Lip Scrub

1 tablespoon of honey

1 tablespoon of white sugar

1 tablespoon of lemon juice 

Simple Honey Lip Scrub

1 teaspoon honey

1 teaspoon baking soda

Olive Oil (few drops)


[Use the following directions for all lip scrubs] 


  • In a small bowl combine ingredients oil.
  • Then start to gently scrub lips for about 30 second to a minute.
  • Rinse off with warm water
  • Pat Dry
  • Apply a Lip Balm for best results
  • CAUTION: Please try not to eat the scrub; if any get in your mouth just spit/rinse it out it won’t taste good as it sounds.


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