LUSH- Mask of Magnaminty

I am totally obsessed with LUSH cosmetics, I love that they are cruelty-free, completely organic, and natural. I use their fresh face masks all the time; my last visit I spoke to a sales associate and she recommended Mask of Magnaminty.

Why try the Mask of Magnaminty?

  • Facial Mask & Body Mask
  • Smells Amazing
  • Helps take the junk out of our pores
  • Peppermint & China Clay gives your skin a wonderful tingly sensation
  • Exfoliates Dry & Flaky Skin
  • Vanilla helps calm redness
  • Honey helps sooth
  • The Ultimate Mask without over being too harsh on skin

    Mask of Magnaminty

How to use the mask?

  • Clean all the areas you want to apply the mask  (Face, back, neck, etc)
  • Apply the mask all over the areas you want to cleanse
  • Wait 15 minutes after application
  • Rinse off with warm water & rub your fingers in a circular motion as you do
  • Pat Dry your face
  • Try to avoid your eyes

What’s great about this mask is that you don’t need to keep it in the refrigerator, you can keep it in a dry cool place and it will be fresh for about 4 months. I’ve had this mask for about 4 months I believe now , and it is still fresh. The mask is an amazing find because it lasts you the entire 4 months. I definitely recommend trying this mask if you want to freshen up the mask that you currently use or if you just want great skin.

The Video Below shows some quick tips about the Mask of Magnaminty:


    1. You should also try their fresh face masks as well! I have a few older posts about some of my favorites if you haven’t tried them yet! You should check out the ones I reviewed if you have similar skin issues that those particular masks help ! (They Smell AWESOME)

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