The Perfect At-Home Spa Bath

Everyone loves going to a spa, and getting the treatment of a lifetime; however, that’s not always feasible. I love taking bubble baths to relax, think, or just appreciate the little things in life. I personally feel that taking a bath is not only relaxing but also puts you in a better state of mind after taking a bath.

There have been numerous studies conducted that prove how beneficial a bath is; from lowering blood pressure, inducing a better nights sleep, reliving stress, and also aiding in keeping your mind healthy overall.

I have taken several baths over the past two weeks and decided to test out DIY beauty treatments for your skin while in the bath; I tested things to add to boost your bath pretty much. From the following I tested out honey and baking soda.

The Perfect Bath
The Perfect Bath

While testing out Arm & Hammer Baking Soda, Organic Honey, and Bath & Bodyworks Aromatherapy Luxury Bath Eucalyptus Tea. What did I find?

  • First, the scent of the Aromatherapy Eucalyptus Tea is amazing, the scent alone is calming.
  • The combination of the baking soda and honey was perfect for me; my skin was incredibly smooth and soft. You can feel the difference instantly!
  • I tried this out about 3X, and ran out of baking soda because of it, but it was absolutely worth it. (I did not have much baking soda left anyway)
  • As for measurements, I added enough baking soda according to the amount of water I had filled the bath with, and about a tablespoon of honey. No need to go crazy with the amount, you can test it out accordingly.
  • I took a bath for about 25-50 minutes; therefore I soaked in the honey, baking soda, and bubble bath soap for that long and saw those results.
Baking Soda
Baking Soda
Luxury Bath
Luxury Bath

Remedies to add to your bath:

  • Baking Soda: What does it do?
    • Calms, Relieves Irritation, Sooths.
  • Honey: What does it do?
    • Softens, Smooth’s, Detoxes.
  • Green Tea: What does it do?
    • Anti-aging, Detoxes, Balances.
  • Milk: What does it do?
    • Sooths, Calms, Sun Burn Relief.
  • Lemon: What does it do?
    • Refreshes, Shrinks Pores, Revives.
  • Fresh Ginger: What does it do?
    • Detoxes, Cold & Flu Relief, Muscle Relief
  • Cinnamon: What does it do?
    • Invigorating, Detoxes, Cures Rashes.

Now that you have your bath set, (bubble bath, oils, salts, remedies, etc. whichever you prefer/choose) you need to set the mood to achieve the most relaxing state you can possibly give yourself, while having a spa treatment at home.

The next step would be to light candles, and play relaxing spa music if that is what you wish. Pandora has some good stations you can choose from, you can download the app on your smart phone, its Free but does play some ads. Relaxing, Nature, Ocean, and Spa those are all good station to listen to depending on your preference.

Pick a drink to accompany you in the bath; preferably something that is calming in nature or personally does the trick for you to relax. I personally love drinking tea while in the bath; Ginger Tea, Mint Tea, and Chamomile are some great options for optimal relaxation. You can drink wine, champagne, etc. whichever you prefer just be careful when drinking alcohol try to have only a cup.

This would be a perfect time to catch up on a good book you’ve wanted to read and/or put on a facial mask. I love putting on my LUSH Mask of Magnanimity Mask while taking a bath; you can use any mask you wish. (See LUSH Mask of Magnanimity Post to see why it’s so great for your skin). You can even cut up some cucumbers and place them on your eyelids.

There you go! Enjoy your bath, relax, and know that you are worth taking a day for yourself to pamper and treat yourself for all the hard work you do, every day. I would love to hear about other DIY bath treatments or things to add to your bath, that any one has tested out.


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