My Current Morning Routine

“The early bird catches the worm,” or so we’ve been told since we were kids. I recall that my kindergarten had two separate students come in at separate times; “The early birds” and “the late birds”, I was apart of the early birds crew because my parents went to work super early in the morning, and I pretty much didn’t have a choice. Now, a grown adult who just graduated college, I decided for years that I am definitely NOT a morning person.

After some time I finally realized what that saying “the early bird catches the worm” meant. I have become super productive in a short amount of time by changing my entire morning routine, and on top of that all I feel pretty amazing.

  • 6:00AM– Wake up
  • 6:10AM– Wash face + brush teeth
  • 6:15AM– Turn on tea kettle
  • 6:25AM– Drink hot lemon water
  • 6:45AM– Put on my workout clothing
  • 7:00AM_ Feed my dogs
  • 7:10AM – Yoga & Meditation
  • 7:45AM– Breakfast
  • 8:25 AM– Clean room & tidy up
  • 9:00AM– Cardio blast
  • 9:30AM– Shower & get dressed
  • 10:00AM– Start the rest of my daily activities/ work that needs to be done

This schedule works perfectly for me right now, since I just recently started to look for a job. If I had a set schedule I would try to get more done in a more compressed time so that I would get to work whenever I needed to get to work. However this schedule works really great for me right now, and I feel very energized and am productive through out the day.

Also, this is a fixed schedule, assuming that nothing comes up or interrupts my routine, sometimes I might finish everything earlier in the day or slightly later depending on circumstances that arise. I also like to wait an hour after breakfast at least before doing any type of cardio or working out, and that may depend upon your personal preference if you like to wait a while or do it shortly after.

I really love my current morning routine, I might throw in a few changes if I find it necessary later on. However, so far I really like this. It keeps me organized, productive, and in a pretty happy mood (that might be the yoga & meditation).

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