How to become a “Morning Person”

How to become a Morning Person
  1. You have to want it
    • In order to truly become a morning person you have to truly want it. You have to have the urge, and there are several reasons why you should want to become one.
    • People who wake up at 6:00AM or earlier are more productive and simply get more sh!t done.
    • Now you may be thinking, 6AM? Wow, thats early. Well, if you sleep early waking up so early won’t seem like a such chore.
    • Finally, the rewarding feeling of waking up early and once you try it, being a morning person is enough motivation to want to continue.

  2. Plan your day the night before 
    • Every night before I sleep, I plan my next day in my planner. I write down everything that is important or needs to get done. I also have a “to-do” list that I follow for the next day.
    • The perks of doing this, is that you will get things done.
    • For some people such as myself, If I write down what I have to do I get satisfaction out of crossing it off my list and feeling like I completed all that I had wanted to complete. When I get most if not everything checked or crossed off my list, I go to sleep much more happier and satisfied than if I just went with the flow for that day.
    • It keeps your organized, productive, and in the mindset to succeed. 

  3. Get excited about breakfast!
    • Every morning I get excited about my breakfast (It also happens to be my favorite meal of the day)
    • Sometimes I will make an egg white omelette, other days I may have a smoothie or yogurt with fruit.
    • This week, my personal favorite breakfast is what I liked to call my “Arugula & Egg salad”:
      • A handful of arugula in a wide bowl with some drizzled olive oil and parmesan cheese
      • 2 eggs, sunny side up with crushed red pepper, salt, and parmesan cheese
      • Half of an avocado on top

  4. Work it!
    • AMP up that cardio!
    • I love getting my workout done in the morning, I usually wait an hour after breakfast and do about 30-60 minutes of cardio. 
    • Go walking, running, go on an elliptical or do some HIIT 

  5. Yoga & Meditation
    • My “new thing” now is doing some yoga and meditation right after I wake up.
    • I was skeptical about it at first, but I have been wanting to do it for some time now, and I love it.
    • You feel very rejuvenated after yoga and meditation and refreshed.

  6. Set time aside for something you enjoy
    • Whatever it is that you enjoy doing, set some time aside for it in the morning.
    • Whether it’s spending time with your pets, reading, watching an episode of your newest binge on Netflix, or writing a blog post. 

  7. Finally, start the rest of your day
    • After the rest of your morning tasks are completed get some work done! Whatever it may be.
    • Homework, studying, cleaning, going to work, whatever it is that is apart of your lifestyle, get to it!

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