DIRTY Chai Tea Latte at home 

How to make a dirty chai tea latte at home:



1. Chai flavored tea

2. Milk

3. Espresso

4. Sugar (if you like it sweetened)

5. Vanilla Extract (if desired)

6. Cinnamon (if desired) 


1. Boil hot water and place chai flavored tea bag into a cup. Only filling the wage half way of the mug

2. Make espresso, using whatever you have to make it. I have a Moka Pot so I use my Moka pot make it.

3. When the espresso is done, remove the tea bag and pour one shit of espresso HBO the tea. (Add sugar if desired) 

4. Froth milk using a milk frothier (Add vanilla extract to give your frothed milk a really yummy vanilla flavor) 

5. Pour the frothed milk on the tea and espresso combination and enjoy 🙂

(This would be the time to add cinnamon on top of your frothed milk) 


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