8 Tips for Organizing your Closet


One of my delightful pleasures is organization. I am literally obsessed. Whether it is with planners, schedules, or simply organizing. I recently completely destroyed and organized my small closet. It’s not ideal but I organized it in a way where I can fit everything nicely without everything getting lost. Here are my tips to ensure that you organize your closet the best way you possibly can.

Tip #1: Take everything, and I mean EVERYTHING out of your closet so that you can get a nice look around to see how much space your truly dealing with.

Tip #2: Get a separate drawer for intimates, bras, and workout attire. I purchased a small drawer a couple of years ago and it fits nicely in my small closet. I have my underwear and socks on the top drawer, workout attire and bathing suits in the second, and all my bras in the third.

Tip #3: Fold pants, jeans, shorts, PJs, sweats, pretty much any bottom except for skirts. Also fold those casual tops you wear around the house (specifically the over sized ones) or any casual top you have. If you have a larger closet then I would hang all shirts, except for the over sized ones you usually wear for cleaning or things like that.

Tip #4: Fold things in order of what you wear the most to what you wear the least, meaning what you wear the most would be on top and what you wear the least would be on the bottom. OR what I like to do is fold according to the season so for example its fall right now so everything in my closet is (top) Fall to (bottom) Summer.

Tip#5: Color coordinate EVERYTHING you visually see. Everything that I have hanging is color coordinated and everything that if folded is color coordinated. So its color coordinated and arranged in fall to summer right now for example.

Tip#6: Throw out everything that you do not wear. Honestly, look at your closet and ask yourself this “would I wear this right now.” I don’t mean “when I lose weight” or “when it comes back in fashion” I mean will you wear this item RIGHT NOW. If not get rid of it. I personally donated my clothes, if you would like to do that, that’s always great.

Tip#7: Follow tips 5 and 6 for shoes as well.

Tip#8: Keep staple items in your closet, and make room for staple items if you do not have them yet. I am currently trying to collect these staple items before I turn 30.


Staple Items:

  1. Plain White Tee
  2. Ballet Flats
  3. Blazer
  4. Leather Jacket
  5. Trench Coat
  6. Cashmere crew neck sweater
  7. Denim jacket
  8. Black single sole shoes
  9. Silk scarf
  10. Perfect jeans
  11. Turtle Neck
  12. Silk blouse
  13. Black Ankle boot
  14. Classic Leather belt
  15. Matching Pajamas
  16. Little black dress
  17. Midi Skirt
  18. Stripped shirt
  19. Nude strappy sandals
  20. Ankle-length black pant

Here are my tips for organizing your closets the best you possibly can! I hope that they were helpful. I’ve provided some pictures of mine before and after, these tips really helped me. Let me know what you do to organize your closet, I’d love to hear your tips!










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