2017 will be a selfish year…

Hi guys,

I’m sure just as so many of you I sometimes do not put my own personal needs ahead of others, a head of obligations, a head of trying to do the right thing in order to not hurt someone else’s feelings, and to tell you the truth it’s wrong. I recently read a book called the life changing magic of not giving a fuck, and this book pretty much told me to only care about the things that will truly impact me and that I have control over.

I am one of many who suffers from anxiety from time to time and it’s mainly because of things that I cannot control. When I seeked this book out I truly felt that my anxiety was out of control and I knew that I needed to change this.

This book did help me, however what truly helped me was realizing that I cannot control what other people are going to say, what they’re going to think, and how they’re going to feel. All I can do is control myself, my feelings, my thoughts, my actions, and that was the ultimate relief.

That it’s in MY control. Sounds easy right?

It’s not as easy as it sounds it’s actually really hard to control those things but it’s incredibly feasible. The four agreements is another book, that really helped me be able to control my anxiety in the best way I could.

The reason why I posted this quote was because there’s nothing wrong with wanting to be selfish. There’s nothing wrong with me investing in myself and there’s nothing wrong with any of you wanting to invest in yourselves either. I truly do want to become a better person physically and mentally. If I am a better person physically and mentally then I will be the best me that I possibly can be.
And there is no better way to victory then starting to heal whatever is going on inside of you. In order to be successful in any way that we want to go in life we need to take care of ourselves and we need to be able to reach wherever we want to, but first we need to be happy.

And sometimes in order to be happy you need to be happy with how you feel physically, and how you look physically. Because believe it or not if you like the way you look physically . Then you will feel good about yourself physically. And we also need to be mentally happier and sometimes all we need is a self-confidence boost in order to achieve that.
So Make 2017 you’re selfish year.

Invest in yourself.

And improve yourself.

Because if you don’t do it, who else will?


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