My ColourPop Collection

Hey Everyone,

I wanted to share my colourpop collection, even though its small. I haven’t seen a lot of these colors online when I have searched to see what the actual color looks like. Sometimes on the colourpop website, they do show the color and a lot of times they do not. Nonetheless here is my collection, I will also have the NYX Lingerie liquid lipsticks I have on another post.

Starting from the top of the second picture below, here are the color names:

  1. Chateau LippieStix Matte
  2. Lumiere LippieStix Satin
  3. Pillow Talk LippieStix Satin
  4. Barracuda Ultra Satin
  5. Screenshot Ultra Satin
  6. Are and Be Ultra Matte
  7. Viper Ultra Matte
  8. Tansy Ultra Satin
  9. Love BugUltra Matte
  10. Times Square Ultra Matte
  11. Point Zero Ultra Satin
My ColourPop Collection
Natural Light in the sun
Natural light no sun
Natural light no sun close up
Natural light no sun close up

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